Silicone Dog Food Bowl [SLOW THEM DOWN]

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“Don’t you just hate it, when your best friend eats to fast, leaving you worried that they are going to choke or leave you a mess to clean up?”

 Imagine, how wonderful it would be if your best furry friend where to slow down and breath while they ate.

SOLUTION? The Silicone Dog Food Bowl! This bowl features silicone nubs at the bottom of the dish. This feature allows for your dogs’ food to settle down between the nubs, helping you friend to slow down and enjoy their meal.

This dog food bowl is great for when you and your 4-legged friend travel, to the park, for a hike, a road trip and any other place you can think to take them. This bowl is collapsible along with beaning able to hold food and water making it the PERFECT all in one dish.

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