Pup Snuggles, GLLb 2011


Today begins LGBT History Month! Let’s celebrate our victories, remember our roots, and never stop making history.

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BK: Kya’s design was a fun collaboration: Lauren Montgomery did an initial concept that we all liked; Ki-Hyun Ryu took those concepts a step further and fleshed out the rough designs; and I finished up the final model sheet. As Kya is Katara’s daughter, I wanted her outfit and parka both to call back to her mother’s iconic outfits from the original series. 

JDS: I absolutely loved Kya’s initial concepts by Lauren. She had a wise look to her. You’ll notice in the final design, her eyes were drawn bigger and she looked just a bit more youthful and cute. This slight design tweak helped bolster the free-spirit aspect of Kya’s personality. Kya color concepts by Lauren Montgomery. Kya rough designs by Ki-Hyun Ryu. Kya final design by Bryan Konietzko. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf and Bryan Konietzko.


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